With the straps at mid-length, face the anchor with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and knees and toes slightly turned out. Hold the handles in by your waistline and keep your elbows slightly bent. Lower into a squat keeping your weight in your heels and making sure not to lean back too much or round your back. Press through your heels and stand back up. Repeat for 15-20 repetitions. Stand facing the anchor with mid-length straps and feet together. Hold the handles by your waist with bent elbows. Step your RIGHT foot backwards, keeping the weight in your TRX Suspension Training Kit. Press through your LEFT heel to return to standing.

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Complete 15-20 repetitions stepping back with the RIGHT leg, then switch sides. Keeping your feet together and the straps mid-length, step your Newest High Quality TRX Suspension Training Outlet Store foot out to the side into a side lunge. Keeping your LEFT leg straight, you should feel a stretch in your inner thigh. Press back to center through your RIGHT heel and repeat 15-20 times, then switch legs.